If you are currently or have recently been involved in a home search, you might know the process can be daunting. More than fifteen years ago, there were no mechanisms available to search for available listings on the internet.  Hard to imagine, right?  When my husband and I searched for our first home together 25 years ago,  we saw 400 homes over the course of a year – literally!  Every weekend we piled into the car and drove from Manhattan to Long Island and occasionally to Greenwich – eventually with a very pregnant me, and finally with an infant in a car seat/carrier. We carried a wish list with us at all times.  After having no luck,  we expanded our home search to Westchester and found our dream home in Chappaqua on the first day. Ten years later we repeated the process with better tools to assist in our search, and we purchased our next home in Armonk.  Home buying was definitely more difficult before internet – it would have been more fun had we had the tools that are available today. However even now with a wealth of information on the web, the real estate agent plays a vital role.  By combining the data available with essential information not available on any website we are able to match the buyer’s needs to the property, provide accurate comps for pricing,  and facilitate a smooth buying experience from start to finish.